Frozen Games at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

Now doesn’t this sound like some summer fun!

Beginning May 27, 2016, you can join Kristoff and Olaf  for the inaugural “Frozen” Games to be held at  Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park!

As members of Team Kristoff or Team Olaf, you will take part in such shenanigans (or events as they like to call them):

  • Ice Pail Relays where teams line up and pass pails of water to one another, trying to be the first to fill a container at the end.
  • A “Snowball” Toss  – in Florida?  Well actually pairs will compete in a snow-themed water balloon toss.
  • Ski Pole Limbo, a snowy twist on traditional limbo—using a ski pole as the limbo bar!  How low can you go?
  • Slide Races that allow teams to race down one of the signature water slides at Blizzard Beach. Who has ever raced down a snow hill on a toboggan?

Your team leaders, Olaf and Kristoff will be on hand, appearing on the Observation Deck near Summit Plummet to take part in the opening and closing ceremonies and giving updates on their teams’ progress throughout the day.

You can sign-up for this all-day event upon arrival at the park entrance. All activities are included in regular admission to Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park.

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